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Easy To Install And Maintain

All you need to do is turn the valve on the bottom of the unit for one minute, once a month

Economical To Own

No monthly maintenance fees
No need to buy bottled water
No electricity is used

Environmentally Friendly

Does not use salt
Does not waste water

Chlorine And Sediment

Unlike carbon filters, the HardlessNG Lotus does not need a pre-filter to remove sediment and is able to leave in just the right amount of chlorine so that your water is always germ free.

No Loss In Water Pressure

The HardlessNG Lotus is able to maintain your current water pressure despite its fine filtering capabilities.

Lifetime Stainless Steel Filter

There is no bacterial growth inside the HardlessNG Lotus. We use a stainless steel filter mesh that is good for the life of the filter.

Designed and developed in Israel

For over 10 years HardlessNG Lotus has been keeping it’s customers satisfied with clean water.
Join them today and keep the water throughout your whole house clean, green and hardless!

The world’s most advanced water filter

HardlessNG’s Lotus advanced design allows this small compact filter to
accomplish what the larger units can at a fraction of the cost.

Removes Chlorine to Improve Taste & Smell

The Stainless Steel Filter in the HardlessNG Lotus removes just the right amount of chlorine so that your water will smell better, taste great and still be able to fight off harmful microorganisms.

Prevents Limescale

The cartridge in the HardlessNG Lotus modifies the crystalline structure of the minerals in the water to prevent limescale build up and other hard water problems.

No Loss in Water Pressure

The advanced design of the unit makes sure that there is no loss in water pressure.

Can Be Installed Indoors Or Outdoors

No Change In the Level Of The PH