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Our story

Roni & Ryna Greenblum

Hi! Our names are Ryna and Roni Greenblum. I worked for 22 year as a dental hygienist and my husband had been working as a service engineer for the past 9 years. Now, we are the proud co-owners of GRY Water Treatment. At GRY Water Treatment we believe that everyone deserves clean and healthy water, which is why we are so excited to bring the hardless NG Whole House Water Filter to the United States.
It all started with a shower door. We have very hard water in California and I didn’t want my new glass shower door to get white spots on it. I was considering paying $300 extra for a fancy shower door that doesn’t spot, but my husband had just returned from a trip to Israel where he saw an amazing filter at his sister’s house. It was small, gave her clean healthy water from every tap in the house, and eliminated the problems that you get with hard water. My sister-in-law was so happy that her coffeepot didn’t have limescale anymore, and that her hair was softer. So we thought, why pay $300 for the extra fancy shower door when for $799 we can have clean and healthy water to drink from every faucet and solve our limescale problem all with one filter! It only made sense. Next thing you know, we were installing our HardlessNG Lotus in San Jose, CA. WE LOVE IT!!!! My water tastes great, my hair is softer, my skin doesn’t feel dry, and YES, less spots on my shower door! We are so happy! Then we thought, shouldn’t everyone be happy? So here we are, bringing the HardlessNG Lotus to YOU!

Yehuda Greenblum

Hi I’m Yehuda, co-owner and the operations manager of GRY Water Treatment.
For the past 15 years I have served as a consultant to many companies in various fields, but am most excited about bringing you the HardlessNG. I am in charge of the infrastructure, business development, and developing external partnerships. I am also in touch with our engineer to keep GRY Water Treatment up on the latest in water filtration.


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