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We are extremely happy with our new Hardless NG water filter. We were literally at our wit’s end trying to figure out what to do with the San Jose water quality. We would not drink the water in San Jose due its poor taste and obvious high chlorine content. We noticed this most visibly with our dishwasher. The dishes always came out with residue and hard water stains on them. We tried everything from running dishwasher cleaners to running vinegar in an extra wash daily. In addition we notice our appliances failing. The coffee maker, the humidifier, and the ice maker in the refrigerator all were ruined by the water quality in San Jose. We had replaced them all at least once and were just about to give up on our dishwasher, convinced it was broken and unable to clean properly.

We were introduced to the Hardless NG water filter and within 24 hours our water quality dramatically improved. The taste of the water became as good as the filtered water we bought in jugs at the store.

We were comfortably cooking food with the tap water again. We drank water from the faucet and our appliances were no longer gummed up with chemicals.
Another benefit we had not considered was the affect we noticed with hair and skin. We had not realized what the San Jose water’s affect was on our hair or skin. With the Hardless NG water filter in place hair was shinier, softer and felt better. Skin was softer and we found we had been using skin products to counteract the water’s detrimental affects without realizing it. This was a surprising benefit we had not considered.

We are absolutely convinced the Hardless NG filtered our water so effectively our water quality is now as good as store filtered water. It literally has saved us hundreds of dollars in appliances, cosmetics, and many inconvenient trips to fill up water jugs. We would highly recommend the Hardless NG water filter to enhance and improve water quality and literally saves hundreds of dollars of real money on water bills and water reliant appliances.

Lisa and Joe

Finally, a water system that softens and filters at the same time, and for the whole house, no salts needed. We installed our Hardless Water System two months ago and immediately tasted the disappearance of that chlorine taste so common in California water. We also noted a decrease in water spots on dishes, flatware and the shower doors. The white laundry looked whiter and colors brighter. Although our new refrigerator came with a water filter, we were still getting mineral clumps with our ice cubes. Once we installed the Hardless Water System the ice cubes dispensed clean. And wait, it gets better, when we drained the filter after 30 days, we noticed a significant uptick in the water quality – it became better.

All this clean water for the whole house and garden from a water system that’s a little bigger than an ostrich egg. No salt bags to carry; easy draining once-a-month. We paid for reverse-osmosis systems (in one sink) and water softening systems for 40 years. I had to turn off the soft-water system every night so the salts would not accumulate in the garden when the sprinklers went on, and then push it back on in the morning when we wanted the softened water in the house. Now both the house and garden are benefiting from the Hardless Water System, with no extra tasks on our part. We are extremely satisfied with this system.

Joyce and Leonard Tachner

We couldn’t possibly be happier with the Hardless filter. No more bottled water, we now drink straight from the tap, showering is so much nicer and we no longer have to remove all that tartar (or whatever your call it) from our kettles and shower indows.

Definitely a huge money and time savings!


My husband and I have been using the Hardless water filter for 6 months. We have been very happy with the system. The water tastes delicious. I can cook with filtered water. I can bathe with filtered water.

I used to purchase filter cartridges. No more of that. I recommend this filter to homeowners and even renters as well. It is affordable and healthy.

Leah H.